Friday, March 6, 2009

Good News + a new shoot + more shoots coming up

So my WINDOWS computer crashed again.. so I sucked it up and bought a 24" iMAC which is a dreammmm. Editing on it is so much easier on the eyes.

At any rate I recently did a shoot for a band called the Atlantic. I used to be in a band with these guys before so it was a fun laid back shoot. It was cold as hell outside but we managed.

ATTENTION!! I am becoming less of a fan of a lot of lights so I kept it simple with 1 main light to create some dramatic shadows/underexposing jibberish. I am getting tired of the rim light deal although I am still fond of the look.

Also, I have 3 pretty awesome models lined up so I am excited to see what we come up with. To be honest I never know what I am going to shoot until I arrive on the scene, but shh! I'll be working with the oh so awesome Elizabeth Tolley again, I swear we make a great double team. I'll be shooting along side 2 other awesome photogs JMB and stuntkid so I look forward to the adventuressss.

well here are the shots, they are small but just click and it will forward you to my flickr.

take care!

The Atlantic

The Atlantic

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