Sunday, March 15, 2009


So not too long ago I hooked up with a band named Andover. We decided we were going to shoot at this abandoned warehouse I was familiar with in downtown Norfolk. I think the last time I was there was about a month or so ago and it was pretty wide open, upon our arrival there was a damn barb wire fence surrounding the whole place. It wasn't so bad since our first shot was outside so we didn't have to deal with any fence jumping. The next shot the guys wanted to get to the other side so we crawled around the edge by the water and I threw my gear over the fence which was BEYOND nerve wrecking by the way.

Anyways, as far as lighting I kept it simple again with 1 main. I would have liked a beauty dish to cover the other half of them but I was by myself and with all that gear its not going to happen. The band was fun to work with and it went by quick and smooth. Good times :)

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Christine said...

Love this shot. Huge fan of your work. I was just wondering how big the soft box was for this shot. Also what your setting were. I haven't gotten the hang of using lights on location yet so I was just wondering. Sorry for asking questions on your blog. I don't have a flicker account.


christopherbautista said...

I think its 30 x 60 if I recall correctly. As far as settings I am not really sure, either way every lighting situation calls for different settings so I don't think they would help you too much. BUT typically I am in the F11 - 16 range.
hope this helps and thank you :)