Sunday, March 15, 2009


So I finally got to work with Porcelain from North Carolina. Me and a friend JMB double teamed it up again and Jason later stopped by. I think I was there for a total of 8 hours which was in a way mind numbing o.O

Jessica had 3 different looks and on top of that makeup, hair, and latex. I like to sit around and watch people shoot so it wasn't so bad, plus elizabeth tolley came up yet AGAIN so it was fun to conversate. Actually, shes on her way up here AGAIN since we are shooting Xanthia Doll from California tomorrow / Tuesday. I think it's going to be me, JMB, and stuntkid so I am pretty excited. I need to figure out a lighting scheme as well since I have been WAY too lazy.

Anyways back to Porcelain. I think I started shooting like 945 10pm time frame so I was pretty fried in my brain. I started out wanting to use my beauty dish then made a last minute decision to use my ringflash. I was extremely happy with how it turned out with Raquel Reed(see previous posts for picture) I decided I want to do just ONE more like it. I don't want to get TOO redundant so this will probably be my last shot like this ever... could be lying.

I ended up editing two and may be editing one more once Kayla confirms with me which one she likes best. hope you like!



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Check out that waist man!