Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jenn Ryan, Norfolk VA

So a good friend of mine Jason( invited me along to help him do a shoot. The model was Jenn Ryan from Raleigh(?), NC. Also a hair stylist Andrew Cordell, and make up artist Elizabeth Tolley came in from Charlotte, NC. The shoot I did was for Angelique Boutique ( and they make jewelry. Anyways, here are the shots. For these I used 2 sb800's with ST umbrellas left and right aiming at the background and feathering her side. I used 1 abr800 as a main light using the 56" moon unit. Heavy post processing was in photoshop and adobe lightroom to help bring out some colors and the necklace.

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Wave Church, Virginia Beach, VA

So I was recently contacted by Wave Church to do some photo assignments. One of the assignments entails documenting their new building they are working on. This was one of my first paid architectural shoots, but I do have experience shooting this stuff for fun, thank Goodness. I pretty much went the HDR route since I shot everything at night time. I wanted to get all the detail within the building and on the outside. I think most of these shots were composed of about 4 -5 raw images, plus mass layers in photoshop to bring out certain things, and remove specific reflections on the windows that were a little distracting. The building will be done on the 21st of September so I will be documenting the inside, which looks amazing by the way. I'll have those up in the near future.

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Atilla photoshoot, Richmond, VA

So me, my girlfriend, and a fellow photographer friend of mine(JMB) went up to Richmond last weekend to shoot Hannah(Atilla). This was a model I've been wanting to get in my portfolio so I was pretty excited to shoot. Anyways, the day was pretty long, we started shooting in her living room. She bought some awesome wallpaper that we nailed up and used as a backdrop for one of her ideas. Which worked out awesome, especially her wig.

The equipment I used for these shots were 1 abr800. The first one was with a 56" moon unit attached, the second was the abr800 with just the standard diffuser on it.

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After the inside shot we went to the woods to shoot. These shots were pretty much on the spot. I scouted around while everyone talked and found an awesome "mini wall" of logs that worked out perfectly for a bench sort of thing? Anyways I only used 1 sb800 as a main light. I would have used more but I prolly would have got poison ivy or eaten by a snake trying to work my way into the back. Here some of the shots, I have more which I haven't edited which I probably should. Anyways here are the shots.

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Here is one setup shot for the photos I don't have up yet but will soon!
This consists of 3 sb800's(for portability)

hannah, jmb, candace

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