Saturday, September 13, 2008

Atilla photoshoot, Richmond, VA

So me, my girlfriend, and a fellow photographer friend of mine(JMB) went up to Richmond last weekend to shoot Hannah(Atilla). This was a model I've been wanting to get in my portfolio so I was pretty excited to shoot. Anyways, the day was pretty long, we started shooting in her living room. She bought some awesome wallpaper that we nailed up and used as a backdrop for one of her ideas. Which worked out awesome, especially her wig.

The equipment I used for these shots were 1 abr800. The first one was with a 56" moon unit attached, the second was the abr800 with just the standard diffuser on it.

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After the inside shot we went to the woods to shoot. These shots were pretty much on the spot. I scouted around while everyone talked and found an awesome "mini wall" of logs that worked out perfectly for a bench sort of thing? Anyways I only used 1 sb800 as a main light. I would have used more but I prolly would have got poison ivy or eaten by a snake trying to work my way into the back. Here some of the shots, I have more which I haven't edited which I probably should. Anyways here are the shots.

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Here is one setup shot for the photos I don't have up yet but will soon!
This consists of 3 sb800's(for portability)

hannah, jmb, candace

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