Friday, June 27, 2008


Finally got my headshot portfolio started thanks to a good friend Chloe who got some people to come over to her house.

I was going for the perfect black background that I have never actually done myself before and I think these pictures came out way better than expected. I am pretty excited for further headshots to come and hopefully my skill on lighting improves.

These were all done with two bare snooted sb800's and 1 abr800 ringflash, I LOVE this ringflash, it works wonders.




pablo and chloe
pablo y chloe

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wedding Crasher

Went to a local photography meet a week or so ago. It was fun and the turn out was pretty impressive. I manage to have some time with the bride and groom alone and got the shots I wanted, well.. shot I mean. Nothing to serious, with a little humor.

The lighting I used was 2 bare sb800's back left and right and my main light was an sb800 through a shoot through umbrella. post production was done in lightroom and cs3 to get them to "pop" out of the frame a little.

a little bit is cropped out to the right due to this text box being ridiculously small.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

various shots of Candace

Since Candace is my girlfriend I have the advantage of practicing new lighting techniques AND full time access to a pretty model.

This shot we were on a vacant backroad in whoknowswhere, North Carolina. I wanted to see how my SB800 power would stand against the sun. Of course the sun won, but the SB800's performance was satisfactory.

One thing that I am disappointed in was my awful knowledge of what settings to use. WHAT I SHOULD HAVE DONE was make my aperture smaller with a decent shutter speed. But I am dumb and did the opposite. Fortunately the results were pretty nice.

Anyways heres the setup description, Candace stood between me and the sun. I was laying flat on my back on insanely HOT pavement with her standing right over me. I had 2 sb800's camera left blasting away at full power.



This shot was actually done right across the street from my house in the park. Candace got a new dress and why the hell not take some pictures of it. Equipment used was 1 sb800 with a 28x28 softbox camera left and 1 bare sb800 camera right.



We Were Gentlemen

This photoshoot was fun and came out out amazing. At least for my expectations. We started out in McArthur Mall's parking garage. I got there 30 minutes early to set up my strobes on a vacant floor (hoping security wouldn't mess with me). I used my girlfriend Candace to stand in 5 places where I wanted the band members to stand so I could make sure there was not too much fall off on each of the members. The parking garage shots I believe were done with 3 sb800's. 2 Bare back left and right for highlights, and 1 as my main light through a white shoot through umbrella.

Results for parking garage locations:


Next we wanted to try and ask the movie theatre if we could do some shots there. Unfortunately we were shut down, I was excited to get some cool theatre shots.

We ended up walking to the high end restaurant Kincaid's(sp?) in the mall and I talked to the manager and she was really nice about the whole situation. So we were a GO for that.
I used 1 strobe set up for this place. 1, because the place was kind of too small for two strobes, and 2, because 1 strobe was more than enough for this place. 1 strobe can also help get some dramatic shadows, but that wasn't the case for these shots.




Finally, we went to a walkway I really wanted to shoot at. These shots came out extraordinary. I pretty much used the same set up like I did for the parking garage shots but the walk way was WAY more cramped. Not to mention there were huge puddles all over the place that made nervous, and on TOP of that there was a steady flow of pedestrian traffic in there so we were constantly moving.

Also since the place was a little more compact I had to lower the power output of all my flashes because they were a lot more close to the band than they were in the garage.


we were gentlement photoshoot teaser

OH YEAH, I forgot I got an ABR00 ringflash to add to my army of sb800's. I have only used it on this shoot so far but I am excited to get it going. I just need a VAGABOND II battery pack and some other light modifiers and I'll incorporate it more.

But these were done in Jillian with 1 ABR800. I'll only post a couple to avoid redundancy.
Thanks for reading!




Alex photoshoot




This photoshoot was fun, long, and tiring.
Candace helped with her hair and make up and I worked the lights.

I have never shot at this location so it was a new experience for me as far as lighting goes. I pretty much just went with 2 sb800's both through shoot through umbrellas for the first shot.

The second shot was done with 1 sb800 and 1 28x28 softbox with my girlfriend Candace positioning my lightstand.

It was pretty chilly and my brain was running short on ideas/creativity. Luckily we pulled 2 strong images (in my opinion) out of this shoot.