Friday, November 14, 2008

Diane's wedding and bridal shot

So i help my friend ross shoot a wedding for a friend of ours. It was pretty laid back and overall stress free, thank God. I took charge of the groom shots and wanted to do something funny with the trees. The guys were pretty funny as well so that only made my job easier! I really like how this almost looks like a band shot.

Also during diane's bridal session the commodore had the perfect word on the sign thingie majig. I guess you could see the marquee??!
Anyways here are the shots, hope you enjoy!

grooms men

diane.bridal shot


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bobby boldasss y Candace Filip

So me and candace went over to bobby's to eat some food and get a shot. It was cold as hell outside so I wanted to stay indoors. for the sake of having a red nose to edit in pictures. Anyways his couch was pretty awesome and I was looking to get a simple color scheme shot in my port. Definitely going to shoot him again when time allows me, which actually, now that I am unemployed should be easy to do?!!

Also here is a candace and our puppy lilly. I like both of these shots... obviously!

bobby boldas!!


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wave church project

So continuing from the last update I did for wave church, I finally edited majority of the staff shots. Here are my two favs. The rest of these were clean and simple, but as far as location, these two killed it for me.

and ps.. thanks for justin(7citiesphotography) for helping me, made my life a lot easier for sure!

josh hill
josh hill, the legend.

wave church setup sneak peak
setup shot :)

staff shoot

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Rachel Dashae

So I've been meeting to shoot this model for quite a number of months now and never really got around to it until recently. We met up with a friend of mine Jess who also does photography as well(and good at it!). Anyways, it wasn't quite the concept I wanted but the images came out really good, at least I think so.

The set up I used I believe was 1 abr800 with the 56" moon unit, 1 sb800 to her left through an umbrella, and then Candace held 1 sb800 bare at her right side.

Here are the shots!
and of course, heavy post processing was done -_-

rachel dashae

rachel dashae

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Days Difference

A couple weeks back Days Difference contacted me about promos they would be needing to promote themselves to get on a couple huge tours. I definitely jumped at the opportunity because for one, they are a pretty big band, two there music is pretty good, and three, they are on universal. This was pretty much my first big label shoot and I think I did pretty good to my standards.

ALSO, I used 5 lights.. 5 lights?! I never used 5 lights before really but I think it worked out pretty good. A couple guys came out from this photography forum I am on and it definitely helped so much. I am so thankful they came, cause I could probably only manage 3 lights top by myself. Heres the setup..

and here are two shots I got that I liked.
One has lens flare but I don't really care too much since it was more of a fun shot than anything else.
I also did a number of face retouching as well to clean things up a bit.


days difference

days difference

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update after another.... long time

sooo I have a lot more new material since I last updated this blog.
Also other than new material I got new equipment which is what I have been wanting for sooo long. I got an AB1600 with a 22" beauty dish along with a light stand a boom arm attachment. This new stuff will definitely change my images for the better but at the same time keep my style. Here is the first image I made with it. Its of my girlfriend candace and we basically just shot it in my parents living room. It was influenced by a photographer name mojokiss( who is definitely an inspiration in my eyes.


More on the next post!