Friday, November 14, 2008

Days Difference

A couple weeks back Days Difference contacted me about promos they would be needing to promote themselves to get on a couple huge tours. I definitely jumped at the opportunity because for one, they are a pretty big band, two there music is pretty good, and three, they are on universal. This was pretty much my first big label shoot and I think I did pretty good to my standards.

ALSO, I used 5 lights.. 5 lights?! I never used 5 lights before really but I think it worked out pretty good. A couple guys came out from this photography forum I am on and it definitely helped so much. I am so thankful they came, cause I could probably only manage 3 lights top by myself. Heres the setup..

and here are two shots I got that I liked.
One has lens flare but I don't really care too much since it was more of a fun shot than anything else.
I also did a number of face retouching as well to clean things up a bit.


days difference

days difference

just click on the thumbnails and it will take you to my flickr account so you can see them bigger :)

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