Friday, November 14, 2008

Diane's wedding and bridal shot

So i help my friend ross shoot a wedding for a friend of ours. It was pretty laid back and overall stress free, thank God. I took charge of the groom shots and wanted to do something funny with the trees. The guys were pretty funny as well so that only made my job easier! I really like how this almost looks like a band shot.

Also during diane's bridal session the commodore had the perfect word on the sign thingie majig. I guess you could see the marquee??!
Anyways here are the shots, hope you enjoy!

grooms men

diane.bridal shot


click thumbnails to see bigger!


KEITH said...

killed it.
i hope you know you'll be shooting my wedding. in due time. :)

hope all is well homie.
i'm in town 12/23-12/30
let's dance.

Hindu Pez said...

Very cool!

Brook Buesking said...

i absolutely LOVE these!!!