Thursday, August 21, 2008

Band photoshoot

So last week I did a shoot with a local band In Cynthia's Diary. Overall the shoot went rather smooth and quick. Got the shots we needed and got out of there. I try not to shoot hundreds of images like a lot of people do. I like to get what I want within 3-4 frames and move on to the next thing. This saves both me and the client time and saves me less pictures to go through(obviously if they don't look good I will correct them on location).

I was excited to use my new vagabond II and my new 56" moon unit on my abr800 so I definitely had those stocked in the bag of goodies to bring. I also brought along 3 sb800's just in case there were shadows needed to be filled, or rim light that would be necessary to separate them from the black background(sky). Me and my girlfriend are still having difficulties actually attaching the moon unit to the abr800 but it is definitely coming along now!

Anyways heres one of the setup shots I used for the street shot(which is my personal fav) This is my typical set up and I'll add or remove a light if necessary. This setup involves 1 abr800 as my main light probably around 1/2 power(i think) and 2 sb800's around 1/8 -3/4ev I believe. I used my gf as a light stand because I am retarded and left my last stand and bracket at my last shoot

I like to try new post processing things with every shoot I do depending on the surroundings and the whole look of the shot. I did a lot of dodging and burning techniques as well as converting my raw files quite a bit in lightroom. worked out pretty well I think, but I am still working on perfecting this technique to get it perfect. Here are some shots that I liked from the shoot.

this is the street one I posted the set up for

PS: I apologize for the small pictures but AGAIN i will remind you they would just be cropped. you can view them on my flickr/website/jpg site by clicking the links to the right!

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Amazing work as always ! Well done !