Tuesday, August 12, 2008

about time..

So my photography club had a workshop with Splash Modeling Agency about 2 weekends ago, and I am NOW posting this. Anyways, this was a learning experience for me. First of all, the day actually started out pretty horrible. I just received my vagabond II battery pack which I was more excited to use, and I also had my 56" Moon Unit ready to use for my key/main light. BAD thing was, I BROUGHT A BAD POWER CHORD. Man, what a disappointment. The setup I ended up going with was 2 sb800's, either one bare, both with 43" shoot thru umbrellas, or a 1 light setup with an umbrella which performed better than I could ask for in harsh sunny conditions. I did do some shots without flash and used available light which was a bit challenging. First, I don't have a light meter to meter the ambient light, second it WAY sunny outside so I can't really read the lcd but I did use the histogram which did help me out a little with the help of shooting in RAW.

One thing I did not like about the whole event was that things were getting repetitive(as far as backgrounds go) but I made the best of it and I think I got a couple solid shots for my port. Thanks to VBPC for making this happen!

I'm currently at work, so I am cutting this short..
PS: thank you blogspot for always cropping off the rightside of my photos =/

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