Saturday, February 7, 2009

We Were Gentlemen

Had to shoot the boys in We Were Gentlemen again. They just got signed to Century Media so they need new pictures for there promotional campaign. This time I had a lot more equipment! We did two days of shooting, one in the back of Jillians in an empty ballroom type area, and one the next day in an abandoned warehouse that Natchez showed me.

anyways, heres the shots. if you need to view lighting just click the images, they will take you straight to my flickr!

We Were Gentlemen

We Were Gentlemen

Unfortunately, seems like they are not happy with the shots I provided which astounds me completely. Can't please em all I guess.


Anonymous said...

i don't know why they are pleased with the shots...they are really nice to me.

Agnes D. said...
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3 o'clock walk said...

They've got rockstar attitudes already huh...Rich is such a diva :P Jaykay...