Saturday, February 7, 2009

Raquel Reed

About time for another update since my dog won't shut up and let me go back to sleep.

A couple friends(JMB, Stuntkid) and I had a little triple team action and shot a model Raquel Reed from NYC. We got to shoot in an abandoned building which is soon to be renovated. The place was about 3 - 4 floors of sweetness. I ended up shooting last of the three since I had to back class.... exactly.

Elizabeth Tolley was awesome enough to drive up from Charlotte, NC, we are such an awesome team I swear. And Jason(Stuntkid) got Al Kelly who is awesome with hair.

I am kind of glad I shot last because I tried at least 4 light setup before actually shooting Raquel. 3 of which I thought up in my head but had ended up looking nothing like I thought it would. Anyways, I ended up using my abr800 as main and 2 strobes to each side highlighting the wall and her frame a little bit. I am overall happy with these shots, the colors pop out perfectly just like I imagined them too.


Raquel Reed

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