Friday, May 29, 2009

update for the month

I've been meaning to update this but life has gotten pretty busy. Not to mention I just landed a computer programming job which I am pretty excited about so money won't be so much of a stress machine than before. This month I have shot weddings, promos, couples, yada yada.

Also, I am starting like primes more than anything else which is a good change for me I think.

Also, me and my girlfriend are starting a funday photo blog where we will take 1 creative portrait of each other once a week. I think this will help me grow creatively and get me better at lighting as well. So keep an eye out for that. is the URL so you should follow that because we put it into action starting this week!

Enjoy the rest of May everyone, and thank you for supporting me!


Anonymous said...

CB great job man! Ive been laggin myself but have been meaning to let you know how you have inspired me to get my ish in gear. Keep up the growth! I look forward to more!

Neleh said...

i heart primes.

christopherbautista said...

Manny, I'm glad I could be of service! Right now I am working on getting very good with both natural and artificial. I am about to do a shoot with some artificial light so wish me luck!

cies said...

ditto what neleh said! and i love the photo project idea!