Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Behind the Scenes up!

My shoot with Liz Harlow.

Quick video on how I got some of the images. It was cold and I did not feel like having to plug in three alienbees so I went with my trusty speedlights since I didn't require too much power. I would have liked to use umbrellas/softboxes as rim but I can't always have my way.



3 o'clock walk said...

very cool chris. is the field with the trees here locally? its was a pretty location. thnx for taking us behind the scenes :P

PS. down the road if i ever get married i've enlisted you to do shots for my wedding...whether you like it or not :P

mjzitek said...

Great job Chris!

cheerwinelife said...

that turned out really good chris. but then again, your stuff normally does.

christopherbautista said...

im glad you guys liked it!

@laralei: NOT ALWAYS!